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From the people behind the well-loved Acaia and Hiroia Samantha, Hiroia has designed the perfect all-in-one smart scale for both espresso and pour-overs. 

The perfect display, wherever you want it 

With a detachable display and magnetic attachment, you are now able to monitor the scale away from your machine, giving you the perfect view every time.  

Better Hardware than ever

Water Resistant Scale. No panic during any spillages

32 Bit processor. A better processor to enable even smarter features

Better Sensitivity and responsiveness than other well-known brands of scale for Specialty Coffee

10 Hours of detachable usage. 1000 hours on standby.

Best in class user experience for both espresso and pour-over

With customized modes for Espresso and Pourovers, Jimmy can make brewing a seamless experience with auto-tare and auto start timer.

Connect to your iPhone, Apple Watch (Andriod coming soon)

Bring out the Coffee Geek in you as the IOS and Android (coming soon) apps will allow you to measure your flow rate in real time and guide you to your perfect pour / espresso.

Data about your Coffee

Together with your smart devices, Jimmy will automatically log historical data for all your pour-overs and espresso shots. Understanding your coffee and achieving consistency for the best cup has never been easier and smarter. 

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